What is Transformative Coaching?


Transformative coaching is the unique brand of coaching Xponential applies to the development of a professional manager who seeks to develop MASTERY of their responsibility as a professional manager. This coaching may be on a one on one basis or with a group/team.

We have invested 20 years in researching, understanding and applying the DNA that is required at every level of management . As managers transition to another level in the organisational pipeline, they require a DIFFERENT AND MORE COMPLEX set of capabilities. Failure to make a successful transition is most often the result of an inability to unlearn old habits and relearn a new set of skills and behaviours.

We have successfully assisted many global managers make this transtion with outstanding results.

Why the need for Executive Coaching?

  • Global leadership talent crisis;
  • Need for integrative leadership development practices;
  • Inadequate succession planning and transition management practices;
  • Scientific evaluation of high-potentials;
  • Effective articulation of the organisation’s vision;
  • Need for honest, objective feedback at executive level;
  • Successful understanding and engineering of organisational change;
  • Focus on the leadership practices that drive performance rather than on the “measurables” of performance.

The “new yardstick”
We are being judged… not just by how smart we are, or by our training and expertise, but also by how well we handle ourselves and each other.